Research Overview

The research in our lab currently focuses on:


Sexual Selection and Sexual Conflict

Evolutionary Ecology of Immunity

Life-History Evolution

With Drosophila melanogaster as our model system, we make use of techniques such as experimental evolution, phenotypic manipulations, gene expression and molecular studies to follow the process of adaptive evolution in real time across replicate populations. More importantly, we assess fitness and related traits under conditions that are meaningful to the populations.


Collaborative Research:

IISER Mohali actively promotes collaborative research across disciplines. Our lab actively collaborates with the lab of Dr. Kavita Dorai of department of Physical Sciences, who works in the field of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance. We use NMR to study molecules that are important in immunity and aging. Within the Department of Biological Sciences, we actively collaborate with colleagues interested in Theoretical Population Ecology with the aim of coming up with better models of population growth.


Research Facilities:

Our lab is located in Academic Block 1 of IISER Mohali. Our lab is fully equipped to handle long-term, large-scale experiments using insects at the organismal, biochemical and molecular levels. We also use the common research facilities of the Department of Biological Sciences such as the confocal microscopy facility. Other than these, IISER Mohali has a Central Analytical Facility consisting of NMR, X-ray, Mass spectrometry and other high end equipment, some of which we use regularly.

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